Florida Isn’t a Good Team Right Now

I can honestly see them losing 3 or more games this year. Haven’t seen all the other teams and knowing this was just the first game, but their defense is good to keep them into some games, but not good enough to win against great/good teams. Their offense is downright bad, but could improve some when they get their 2 star players back? Toss-up games to Tennessee and Texas A&M … LSU, Georgia, and Florida State look like losses to me depending on how the other QB’s perform for their team that have lost the starters for the year. So I see 6-6, 7-5, or possibly 8-4 for this team.

Will they be better when they get their players back? Possibly, but I think their offense is just flat bad. They have a couple of very good receivers, but their offensive line struggled in the running game and their backs wasn’t much better.

Defense ends the game with a statement from Winovich

Defense with a statement from Winovich

Their play calling wasn’t much better and for all the talk about Nussmeier whether he was here or at Florida I can see why Saban told him to look around for a new job because he wasn’t coming back to Bama. They haven’t been good on offense since this new coaching staff was put together which is hard to believe with all the talent they have on their team, but once again a lot of it depends on the QB position. Surprised they stayed with Zaire so long especially not using his #1 weapon his legs and also surprised they didn’t go back to Franks when basically it became a 2 score difference and knowing they was going to have to throw the ball to win the game or give last years starter Del Rio a chance when nothing else was working.

They will likely be a contender for the East in the SEC, yes, but doesn’t mean they are a good team either because the SEC East over the years has shown to be the 3rd, 4th or even the 5th best team in their conference. Just a few years ago they was the best East division team in the SEC and then we played them who was the 3rd best in our division which was suppose to be less than the entire SEC, but we hammered them too. So again good vs. great vs. decent vs. average is in the eye of the beholder and rightfully so.

I don’t think Florida is a top 20 team and (IMO) they won’t be at the end of the year and that is what really matters. Hard for a team to be in the top 20 having 4 or possibly more losses like I think they will likely have so they might not even be in the top 25 when all said and done. The pre-season polls are always misleading like when Arkansas coach tried to say he had a tough schedule by playing 10 teams in the rankings and using those polls as his vindication while hammering Ohio State with their schedule, but at the end of the year he had a bad record and only 3 teams ended up in the top 25. That was the year he lost to Toledo the same week he made those comments about how strong the SEC was and how bad OSU schedule.

Not a very good head coach?

Not a very good head coach?

If you look at their schedule … to me anyways.

Michigan … Loss
Northern Colorado … Win / cupcake.
Tennessee … Toss-up.
Vanderbilt … Win.
LSU … Loss.
Texas A&M … Toss-up, but Sumlin needs this win badly.
Georgia … Loss, but we will see how back-up QB does for the Dogs.
Missouri … Toss-up.
South Carolina … Toss-up.
UAB … Win.
Florida State … Loss, but we will see how back-up QB does for the Seminoles.

So your looking at 3 more losses likely depending on how the QB’s play for the Seminoles and Bulldogs. Then you have several toss-up games (IMO) right now after game 1. You have Kevin Sumlin who needs this game badly to keep off the red-hot seat and Butch Jones will want to keep off the hot seat as well with a win.

Who knows what happens to Florida’s roster if those players or even others get games off get reinstated or not, but if they keep it the same especially missing their best WR and best RB this team along with losing a lot of depth they are going to struggle on the offensive side of the ball. The defense is good, but not great and you could see with players being out that their depth was an issue there as well so you can only do so much as we seen for ourselves. So teams like Kentucky, Vanderbilt, and Missouri are going to be in tight games with Florida this year and could possibly be in that “toss-up” category as well.


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