Thoughts After Florida

1) UM as we now know played mostly with a 3-man front. What has not been mentioned is one of the big reasons for this change is because of Furbush. I have been telling posters for over a year that Furbush in practices has been one of the best players and now we have another player on the rise in Uche who basically backs up Furbush. I think we see this defense for most of the year with Mone basically playing as Hurst back-up—or at times against physical teams they go to a 4-man front.

Wilton Speight

Wilton Speight

2) Just an observation, but I think the biggest issue with Speight is he just (in games) holds on to the ball too long if he would release the ball a 1/2 a second sooner players are open. Even the TD pass to Black he almost held on to the ball long enough to let the safety catch up. I am sure the coaches see this on film, but Speight needs to be more decisive something he just seems to lack in games vs. practice.

3) I also believe people under estimate just how good Florida was defensively in their front 7. There were times our OL could of blocked better, but to even compare this performance vs. a yr ago it night and day both in our OL’s ability and more importantly our RB’s vision was vastly improved.

4) A big question to me was where was the passes to the RB and even the FB. This is one of the signature schemes of Pep coached teams. Maybe they were holding off, but I hope and expect us to see much more use of our RB’s and FB’s in the offense.

Gary and Bush improve quickness on Defense

Gary & Bush improve quickness on D!

5) Use the TE’s more if there is one position we are loaded its TE at least their ability to catch the ball.

6) Just a quick note for those who are star watchers at times I am too, but remember Hudson was a 3 star as was McKeon and Bush and Mettelus. This staff is just so much better than any we have had in over a decade in terms of player development. Remember we have players like Singleton who looks like may be redshirted who in the past probably would not only be in the 2-deep but may have started.

7) Hudson, the OL has had some concussion issues and they are being careful with him, but they are really excited about his potential and of all the players currently on roster he has the most potential to be our next LT.

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