Michigan is now a consistent top 10 program

1) The main reason is UM is now very difficult to score on. Granted the big tests will be against PSU and OSU, but posters forget that pre-Harbaugh era UM was consistently giving up long drives and big plays and our 3rd down defensive efficiency was one of the worst in college football.

I know people are now criticizing Florida’s offense, but before the game the coaching staff at Florida was very optimistic about their teams progress on offense during spring and fall practice.

2) UM is now a physical program. In reality, although UM tradition was built on being a fundamental, physical program truth is we have not been that physical since 2003. Now, we are probably not only the most physical team in big 10, but we are progressing toward Alabama in terms of physical play.

Athletic, Speed, and Quickness

Gary & Bush bring Athleticism & Speed

3) Do you think teams now enjoy coming to the big house to play a football game. What really bothered me in the past decade is how teams actually looked forward to playing Michigan even in the Big House. I do not think that is the case any longer.

4) We finally can defense spread offenses. Instead of watching teams running a track meet against our defense Brown has been very successful in making teams one dimensional.

5) Where is all the talk about Michigan’s S&C program? Seems like that was a weekly discussion on the boards now never hear anyone criticize our players strength or condition or development.

What is keeping UM from being an “Alabama type program? Looks to me like its our offensive ability to catch up with our defense. Good news is we now have the talent especially at the skilled positions we now have the depth we just need execution.

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