Todd McShay on Wilton Speight

If Michigan is going to make a run and win the big games down the stretch Speight has to play better than he did in this game.

There was stretches and I covered five of their game last year, I thought I was on the coaching staff. There are stretches in a game where he is really good, goes through his reads, makes good throws, can extend plays better with the weight taken off.

BUT then there are times where he makes mistakes where you kind of pull your hair out, saying you don't do this most of the time. The two interceptions/pick 6's were the reason that Florida stayed in that football game. If not this is a blowout.

Michigan won on both trenches and dominated this football game, but Speight kept Florida in it.

Todd McShay on College Football Live ... 9/5/2017

— Todd McShay


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